Open To Interpretation- Illegal Immigration

This post is open to interpretation.

Like much of the English language, use of the word “Open” has expanded slightly over the centuries.With a root Etymology going as far back as old Proto-Germanic (Upana), Old Saxon (Opan), and even Old Norse (Opinn), itโ€™s commonly used in both noun and adjective form to describe physical spaces, e.g: “not closed, raised up, unobstructed, unencumbered”……”public”.

It’s also used to describe people, and information e.g: “to disclose, to make manifest”, “easy to to readโ€œ, “frank”,ย  “candid”, an “open book”.ย These are mostly in a positive context, however we have used it equally in the negative context, e.g: “exposed”, “evident”, “shameless” (she openly insulted me!), “public”, an “open secret”, and again “open book”


While it’s certainly good to be somewhatย open-minded, or open to change, political and cultural forces that shall remain unnamed have for decades over-romanticized the idea of a pervasive โ€œopenness” in every aspect of society, to the point where many people have become incapable of drawing the line between “open” and private, from their identities, all the way up to their state laws.

Obviously, you would never want your Social Security # to be open to the public, and yet millions of the more technologically inclined are thrilled to hand over their information to the intrusive algorithms of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

It goes without saying that you would never want the details of your sex life, of your anatomy, or your health open to public gossip, and yet we’ve let Hollywood convince us of how hip and liberating it is to be in often meaningless โ€œopenโ€œ-relationships and marriages (The celebrity divorce rate is about 100%, same for STD’s).

No one would dream of going to work all day long, while leaving their cars and apartments “open“, and yet in some Western countries we’ve allowed our elected officials to take us closer and closer to having “open” borders, without even holding a vote on the matter (by the way, how’s that working ย outin France and Germany?).


We know all to well when to tell someone they’re giving us “(T)oo (M)uch (I)nformation”, and yet we’re losing our sense of when we ourselves are giving away “(T)oo (M)uch (A)ccess” to what should be the most cherished, and protected parts of our lives.ย If you’re like me, then you initially like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and try to see the best in people…but you know all too well from experience that there is much conflict, sickness,and of course danger in the world.

You know this, therefore never let anyone convince you to treat your mind, your marriage, or your country like a public toilet.




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