From the Freethrow Line- Men’s Health

Early in his career, NBA Hall of Famer and undisputed GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Michael Jordan “dunked” an avg. of 12.5 times a game (that’s a lot). It was his weapon of choice to destroy and often embarrass opposing teams, and an obvious choice with his legendary leaping ability. Towards the end of his career though, the 6 time champion’s game looked much different to even the average fan, when he began heavily favoring the “fade way” jumper as his go to scoring move, with a few strategic (and therefore more embarrassing) dunks in between. The “best of” high lite reel for both halves of his career are amazing, but this post ain’t about basketball, it’s about the steady decline in Testosterone that we go through as men.


Jordan takes a jumper
The Perfect Fade Away


You’ll hear many reasons for why he switched his game up, but it’s unknown to many that off the court, M.J was also a talented mathematician., so much so that he probably could have worked for NASA. In short, he cut back on dunking so much (and stopped competing in the All Star Dunk Contest, which he won twice)  to add longetivity to his career; as most pro athletes now do. So what did he do? He turned what was by most analysis his biggest weakness, and transformed it into his greatest strength.#dynasty

Both in modern in times, and historically, young men tend to #gohard all the time…not only because we can (tired? what is that?), but because biologically, we HAVE TO.


Those loud beating war drums, and incessant voices in our heads pushing us to “just do it”…even if it’s only to show up the other young guys….it’s both a gift and a curse. This is mostly  good thing, and is actually half of what drove western civilization to the greatest heights in history (guess what the other half was?). But as we now know, it also makes for many boneheaded mistakes, petty fist fights, and some very lonely nights. We may not have a “time of the month”, oh no. Ours is more like ALL THE TIME. Also, big pharma is constantly trying to remind us that the first dreadful “drop” is coming, and boy oh boy…

The cup runneth over….until it runs dry.

Well, I’m here (along with imaginary M.J!) to tell you that if you recently got your first “drop” in “T”, be nothing but relieved. Because it’s a sign of many things, mainly that your mind is finally getting the chance to catch up to your body. Yes, you can now officially think about girls 21/7 instead of 24/7, and according to history, you will soon
have your best years of both productivity and creativity. Best of all, you can school young cats in pick up basketball, without even trying! Gentlemen, studies show that
as long as you don’t recklessly burn yourself out (eg. Jim Morrison, Shawn Kemp, Aaron Hernandez), the greatest men in history, and us men in general don’t really “#turnup
until at least age 35 (eg.Julius Ceasar, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, Robert Greene). It’s the difference between 1,000 bad weekly push ups, and 300 good ones.  It’s a personal six pack to the head (I can still do that), vs 2 whiskey neats with company…or nothing at all. It’s 300$ on fresh new kicks , vs 200$ on a new suit instead, and throwing a “hundo” in the bank.

Why am I saying this you think, possibly out loud, in a “wtf” context? Because gentleman, we are biologically wired to deal with stuff alone, including biology itself… and then the Viagra ad comes on.

Be like this guy

Gentlemen, take care of your body, keep your mind clear, and keep competing. It only gets better. You will only get better (Like M.J!)

          PS – In 2003, I had the PRIVILEGE, of seeing  M.J “drop” 44 points on the Utah Jazz . The Wizards won, he argued with career long rival Carl Malone , and he only dunked once…and boy oh boy.




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