So you kind of have a foot fetish. What Now?

“…with 35 joints, 28 bones, 20 muscles and 7,000 nerve endings held together by 120 ligaments, the human foot is always a good candidate for a massage…

Its summer, you’re walking the strip with the guys, when all of a sudden elbows start jabbing and throats start getting cleared…a row of total babes dead ahead. Even after they totally walk by, without any of your friends busting out the line of century, everyone is of course jabbering on about which girl they liked the most, and craning their necks for one last look at the goods. You steal a couple glances too, but your gaze seems to be a bit lower than everyone else’s, your eyes drawn more to the bright flashes of sky blue and salmon orange.

You’re at your office Holiday party; everyone is responsibly enjoying a potluck assortment of food, and the open bar. You spot your regional manager sitting at the corner of the conference table, chatting idly with one of your co-workers. Synced perfectly with a mutual chuckle in the conversation, she shifts her weight and crosses her legs. As always, she’s conservatively dressed, and always the consummate professional. You never found her particularly attractive before, but today she’s wearing sheer stockings and high heels…

Foot Fetish 2

Admit it, you have a foot fetish

Its okay my friend, from now on you can keep your head up (more often), because I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in your admiration pretty pedi’s. In fact, the sole purpose of this article is to massage into your brain once and for all that there are various anatomical, historical, cultural, and of course sexual benefits and advantages to your fetish, for both you and your fancy footed partner.

Feet are, always have been, and always will be important

Think about your body for a moment. Cutting the rug on the dance floor, climbing a ladder, or running away from apocalyptic destruction as fast as you can? Yea, you’re going to need your feet. In fact, even more than the eyes or the hands, and arms or legs, the injury or loss of even one toe can hobble us, keep us from gainful employment, or make us laser cannon fodder for up to five weeks…just ask pro-athletes and super models!

The feet are essentially the hands of the legs, and with all the scientific buzz revolving around our opposable thumbs, the truth is that with its weight bearing arches, and vibration sensitive nerve endings (just the best for sensing earthquakes), the human foot is every bit a marvel of natural evolution (or divine creation, whichever you prefer). Even with our high tech cars, elevators, and hover boards, it is our feet that carry us across the goal line, to post-apocalyptic salvation, and of course those last few feet to our beds every night.

It’s no wonder then, that various ancient mythology, and the major modern religions all have heartwarming parables and depictions of feet being washed, healed, and being placed on the necks of the allegedly wicked (some people actually have a thing for that now…but you get it). Feet have always been symbols of the human condition itself.

Feet dominate in fetish world

In the long, twisting tunnel of fetishism, defined as any pronounced sexual interest in non-reproductive body parts, objects, and themes…your foot fetish is actually pretty tame. A 2006 University study examining internet searches and discussion forums discovered that “feet and toes” dominated 47% of online searches and chats regarding body parts, and 32% of online searches and chats regarding objects (shoes, hosiery, toe rings, anklets, etc. etc.)

Foot Fetish High Heels Toes Lesbian
How romantic….

 Oldest kink in the book

Without launching into a full scale lesson, it can be easily pointed out that the feet have always been worshipped by ancient cultures, most notably in China, where “foot binding” was practiced by upper class women as early as the 10th century, and not officially outlawed until the 19th century. Despite lifelong debilitation of its practitioners, foot binding was a regarded as a sign of leisure and impracticality, a desirable luxury afforded only to the wealthy. They even purportedly had a mini foot Kama Sutra, complete with 48 ways to play with bound feet!

Likewise, research correlates the increases in Western foot fetishism to historical rises in STD’s. Eg. the great gonorrhea epidemic of the 12th century, the European syphilis epidemics of the 16th and 19th centuries, and finally the current AIDS epidemic. So basically, foot action is a safer way to third base, than third base itself!

Also, due to the initially aristocratic origin of high heels, popularized most famously by Chinese emperors, and later King Louis XIV, who originated “red bottom” high heels (and literally put people in jail for being more fashionable or better liked than him), the rises in foot fetishism are closely linked to periods of female emancipation, with special devotion to what eventually became symbols of female power and even domination……you can easily refer to the internet for modern examples of this phenomenon. So yea, even if they don’t identify themselves as foot fetishists, pay attention to how many pairs of heels a woman owns 😉


High Heels Red Bottom Fetish Toes
Trina doesn’t have shhhh on this guy

Her Body

Whether you’ve been intimate with her or not, you should know that even the average woman is very conscious of her body, from her appearance in her favorite cocktail dress, to her body’s positioning at her desk, and of course her physical proximity to other bodies. The fact of the matter is that for various cultural and biological reasons you can research on your own, most members of the fair sex are constantly aware of the latest trends in fashion and beauty, as well as their place on the figurative fashion and beauty totem pole, and most definitely who is checking them out…especially when it comes to other women.

Omg! Love your hair!”, “Killer dress!”, “Where…did you get those shoes?”


 The plethora of well-known phrases such as these is endless. But in anticipation of such comments, as well as the boost of confidence we all get from knowing we look our best, most women are quite up to date with maintaining their appearances…that’s why they always look, smell, and feel so soft all over, all the time. This includes bi-weekly pedicures, freshly painted nails, and obscene collection of flip-flops, heels, mules, peep toes, sling backs, and boots costing in the thousands, but perfect for any occasion!

What does this mean for you as a foot admiring man? It means all you have to do is pay attention, because everyone knows that there’s nothing better than buying a brand new hat, and getting a nice compliment on it.

Getting your….err…her foot in the door

Whether you’re meeting her for the first time, or in a happy ltr or marriage, if she somehow doesn’t know about your foot fetish yet, it can and will be at times difficult, even awkward for you, because the fact is that you haven’t yet been completely honest in your relationship.  Chances are that she’s probably even picked up on or wondered what it is you’re holding back. Even a dash of insecurity can ruin the most romantic or hottest moment. My advice then gentlemen, is to be confident and honest early on, even right away. Now, before you randomly start offering foot massages in grocery stores and night clubs (actually, that might work in certain night clubs)…here are a few ways to start things off on the right foot

  • Compliment her hands: It’s no secret that women find a man with strong hands irresistible. Well, it’s a two way street, and bi-weekly pedicures are almost always accompanied by manicures. So especially if you’re meeting her for the first time, compliment her on her exquisite hands, especially the color of her nails (keep it vague, don’t go sounding like a cosmetology expert). If you’re really bold (and you should be, the timid are never written about in history, nor do they create stomach butterflies), go old school and blow her mind by kissing her hand (just before or just after the compliment works great).


  • Her nails are natural: Au Natural does not mean unkempt my friend, they can of course be very sexy in their own right. Maybe she makes pottery, maybe she’s a hardcore feminist, maybe she’s just practical…doesn’t matter…in this case, compliment the softness of her hands.


  • What does this have to do with her feet: My friend, the feet are the hands of the legs, and her hands are the windows to her feet (…think I just made that up). Once she thanks you for complimenting her hands, you can casually ask, or notice that her toes are the same color. Or perhaps be delighted to see that they’re a completely different color all together, which she’ll also take as a compliment, because as mentioned above, women are always aware of their bodies (Don’t do this if she’s wearing anything closed toed, especially combat boots…too obvious).
  • In doing this, you’ll also gauge how conservative, or liberal she is with her footwear. Is she wearing six inch stilettos? Is she wearing a toe ring? Is each of her toes painted a different color, or in an intricate design? If so…she just may be waiting for such thoughtful compliments from you. In fact, after kissing her hand in your usual way, she may just ask “…Do you like my toes?”
  • Massage, Massage, Massage: If you’ve ever gotten a back or shoulder massage at the end of a long day or as part of therapy, you know just how good it can feel. Well, with approximately 35 joints, 28 bones, 20 muscles and 7,000 nerve endings all held together by 120 ligaments, the human foot, which will have logged an average 70,000 miles by age 70, is always a good candidate for a massage.
  • Many of those 70,000 nerve endings crisscross with the same part of the brain that governs the sensory areas….and orgasms.
  • Have you ever seen the inside of a woman’s bathroom? Or purse? Or dresser? There are literally loads of creams, lotions, and oils everywhere. They’re constantly rubbing stuff onto their own skin. So yea…get good at it.


Foot play for couples

Hey what do I look like? Google it.  😉

^ ^ ^ (Start here)

There you have it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your admiration of her pretty, soft, and sexy feet, not only are you part of a growing community, but also part of history and culture itself. So, just for good measure here are a few of notable foot fetishists, including a few sexy ladies. Elvis Presley (The King), Andy Warhol (artist, paints, colors, duh…), Enrique Iglesias (could probably get a girl to show him any body part if he really wanted to, he wants to see her feet), Pharrell Williams (feet make him “Happy”), Brooke Burke (with toes like those, who needs fingers!?), Cara Delevingne (a truly gorgeous high fashion model from head…to toe), Lots and lots of people on the internet (……….), and finally, Giacomo Casanova (the Italian guy who every womanizer has been compared to for about 250 years now).

(Just in case – Wikipedia: Foot Fetish)

Now, go out there and curl some toes!





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