“So What’s Your Deal?”

A bit about myself.

I’m a young independent thinker who’s spent half of my life in sunny, laid back Miami, Fl, and the other half in the cold, professional DMV metropolitan area, both the polar opposite of the rest of their respective states. I have a blue collar background as my father is a commercial truck driver, and my mother is Lori Montenegro, a veteran national news correspondent , and one of the 100 most recognized journalists on TV.

They are hard working people who taught me to work hard, didn’t give me an allowance, and sent me to Catholic School after getting suspended a few times for fighting. Needless to say, between 7th grade to graduating HS in 2004, and oddly choosing to go to college in Pensacola, FL, I’ve rubbed shoulders and rolled in the mud with just about every demographic in our wonderful nation. Add this to coming from an Afro-Latin and blindly Democrat household, with the first name Omar, and well……you get the picture.

I learned a long time ago how to transcend race and identity politics in my life, forming my own opinions and beliefs. While I’m not foolish enough to think everyone is going to be charmed by me, I’m experienced enough to walk into any room, T-shirt and jeans or shirt and tie, and work the crowd with my best handshake and smile. I’ve developed and used this to success in over 15 years of working in hospitality management (yawn, but great celeb stories), sales, and running my own nightlife events company for a few years in sunny Miami, where I’m kind of a locally famous DJ (lol).

Pelvic Thrust @ Room 205, Miami Beach

The Broward New Times: Pelvic Thrust Miami

I’ve been a lifelong reader and creative writer, albeit unpublished but with literal notebook and cellphone-fulls of lost poems, memoirs, and a half written novel (shutup Stewie). I’ve found myself writing more and more, as it almost therapeutically helps me work out our ever changing world, and my place in it. I’ve been leaning more towards culture and politics over the last couple years, which will be the main themes of this blog.

I hope you enjoy it.


PS – I’m also a low key nerd, and kind of like Star Wars. Why? Because sometimes going far far away, helps you better understand where you are, even if it’s only in your mind.